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What is the onset of darkness and why is it so common?

The night or wet dreams are the involuntary discharge of semen with or without sexual arousal during sleep.

Often a sexually arousing dream leads to an orgasm, followed by ejaculation.

The night is universal. Best Doctor For Nightfall in Rohtak, Haryana Every young man experiences the onset of darkness at one time or another.

But if you experience it too much, there may be some problems.

Excess night time is caused by excessive production of seminal fluid Best Doctor For Nightfall in Rohtak, Haryana decreased seminal viscosity and disturbances in the seminal vesicles.

Eating unhealthy food, prolonged abstinence from sexual activity and kidney weakness also play a role in the onset of darkness.

The night is most common at the beginning of puberty and in the early teenage years.

As you get older and your sexual activity increases, Best Doctor For Nightfall in Rohtak the frequency of blackouts decreases.

Studies say that the frequency of night falls averages about once every three weeks for a 15-year-old single man, once every five and a half weeks for a 40-year-old single man, once a month for a 19- year old. -old married man man to once a month for two months for a 50-year-old married man.

As we get older, we become more sexually active and at the same time our testosterone levels start to drop, which is why dark circles are more common in younger people.

Aside from testosterone, the onset of darkness has its roots in several other factors such as

Excessive masturbation
Unable to control emotions
Stress and anxiety
Obstructed prostate
Excessive use of porn
Misconceptions about sex
weak nerves
The night is not a problem if it occurs occasionally. Best Doctor For Nightfall in Rohtak, Haryana The problem occurs when you have frequent emissions at night (sometimes up to several times a week).

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